On life's journey, having a baby is a thrilling time!

We want to design a room worthy of your new little one.

A crib, the centerpiece of a nursery, should be safe and reliable above all.

Our cribs, built with integrity, will also grace the room with its beauty. Peruse through our selection of traditional or whimsical bedding and accessories to be all set for the new arrival!

Infant room by Bailey Village of Designs in Southlake, TX


From toddler to teenager, you will hold their hands as they journey to adulthood.

We strive to help you create a room with furniture that is solid enough to stand the test of time and beautiful enough to complement your home.

We enjoy decorating for all ages and creating a room that your child will love!

From riding trikes to driving their first car, they will return to their very own peaceful retreat.

Young child's room by Bailey Village of Designs in Southlake, TX